Janala: an education platform with more than 3000 education videos and 30 different subjects

Janala is an e-learning platform focused on thematic videos that are tailored specifically to users’ preferences. Covering around 30 topics and 3000 videos, the platform is rapidly becoming the ‘Netflix’ of e-learning.




ARKit, Swift, Vue.js, Flutter, Python

Project duration

3 months

Project challenges

  • We needed to create an educational platform that would be able to facilitate improved learning experience through personalized videos.

  • The platform’s design had to be simple and easily adaptable to ensure optimal user experience regardless of device used.

  • It was essential that we provide users with the highest quality of videos, even in situations where users may have weak internet connection. To achieve this, Enkonix had to employ specialized video streaming server networks.


  • We developed a user-friendly website, through which both students and administrators can easily navigate.

  • Our developers used an asynchronous video converter which can process dozens of video files simultaneously, in multiple qualities and video formats (HLS for iOS and DASH for other platforms).

  • To provide seamless performance and high-quality audio-visual materials, we introduced CDN technology.

  • We added a cross-browser custom video player, allowing us to track the actions of any and all users. This provides our client with analytics and full viewing statistics.


Janala has become an incredibly successful platform for online education. Thanks to CDN, the system runs smoothly and can automatically improve user availability by automatically minimising loading delays. Our solution provides fast video streaming and reliability, regardless of location, time of day, or device. The custom video player helps the company to collect data on audience engagement, while the recommendation algorithm is based on the user’s individual preferences and watch history. Lastly, videos also have timecodes, so viewers can easily click on the content needed.

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