Projects we’ve delivered

Over the past 4 years, we have designed and built a wide range of high-quality products from scratch. Our team has finished more than 30 web and mobile apps related to various spheres including e-learning, healthcare, e-commerce, advertising, augmented reality, action sports, finance and sharing economy.

Heleot: a new video platform for sharing product experiences

Python, Django, Vue.js, PostgreSQL


Heleot Inc. is a startup based in New York that is building a community around micro video reviews on the latest tech and video game related products.

The platform accommodates a simple yet efficient concept of precisely structured mini blogs that inherited the very best features from Youtube, Twitch, Quora and Imgur.

Wyldata: Action Sports trusted source of relevant and accurate data

Python, Django, Vue.js, PostgreSQL


Wyldata is a company that provides relevant, accurate, data-based information on Action Sports like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc.

Being a pioneer in encompassing this particular topic, it needed a wide range of online tools to search, process, and sort relevant and precise information.

Augmented Review: an AR app for 3D Designers

Swift, Python, ARKit, Django, Vue.js

Augmented Review

New York based startup Augmented Rеview was founded with the purpose to revolutionize the way designers, architects and 3D artists collaborate when working on three-dimensional artworks with other people.

To make this happen, Enkonix team developed an app that uses mobile augmented reality technology to create a virtual canvas for all participants and enable them to collaborate on 3-dimensional objects in real time.

StartMy.Portal: a management tool for in-service staff training

Python, Django, Vue.js, PostgreSQL


StartMy.Portal is a platform that allows financial companies to create training courses for their employees in order to help them grow and increase their productivity, improve the brand image, and boost the bottom line.

It consists of different online simulators, evaluators, educational materials, questionnaires, which are managed by managers or mentors.

StartMy.Bank Manager: an educational simulator of managers' day-to-day operations

Python, Django, Vue.js, PostgreSQL

StartMy.Bank Manager

StartMy.Bank Manager is a simulation game elaborated for students and specialists from all over the world.

It gives the opportunity to gain experience in the financial field and bank management, take financial decisions, and upgrade professional skills. This process is happening in virtual space where students from all over the world can simultaneously pass sessions.

StartMy.Evaluator: an assessment solution for employees training

Python, Django, Vue.js, PostgreSQL


StartMy.Evaluator is a set of surveys, tests that help financial companies assess the skills of its employees or potential candidates. It may be adjusted to specific needs or tasks. 

Thanks to this solution employers educate workers, evaluate their knowledge, or find the best fit for the open position.

AtoZ Markets: everything about ICOs and cryptocurrency

Python, Django, Vue.js, PostgreSQL

AtoZ Markets

AtoZ, a well-established website specializing in trading and financial news, was challenged with sudden stability and performance issues because of the fast-growing volume of content and number of visitors.

Planning to extend their content focus to ICO and Cryptocurrency and enhance the website with additional functionality, the founders hired Enkonix to go through rebranding and build a new custom portal that would fully meet their requirements and new business needs.

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