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Our team performs thorough business and technical research and develops highly efficient Uber-like products that enable you to scale your business.

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We rely on the latest technology stack to develop dynamic apps that offer a seamless user experience across any handheld device.

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Our web applications help position your brand value to the top. We follow up with ongoing maintenance, security testing and much more.

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Our team combines the principles of modern human behavior with intuitive UX/UI design that provides easy navigation and responsiveness.

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Aerolytix helps to not only store the data, but to use it efficiently and make optimal management decisions. The platform collects, digitalises, standardises data from 3rd party sources and operators into one coherent system and leverages data to enable highly accurate decision-making.




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* Product design

* Web development

* Mobile development

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Why Your Business Needs Uber-like App Development

Uber is one of the most popular ride-sharing apps in the world. It has been downloaded over 100 million times and has a user base of more than 50 million users. The company was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009, and since then it has grown to become an international success story. Today, Uber operates in almost every major city around the globe. While Uber’s taxi service is one of its flagship solutions, the platform’s delivery service is growing in popularity as well. Through a common platform, the delivery service connects multiple parties, including vendors, clients and end-users. For end-users, the benefit of getting products delivered quickly is one of the most striking factors behind the popularity of such an application. For businesses, here are some of the most common benefits to adopting a Uber-like app development:

Benefits of a Uber-like App Development 

Simple, low-cost integration

Uber clone application development typically relies on an existing, white labeled template as a starting point for building a fully-fledged solution. With such an app constructor, businesses cut down on the need to hire skilled developers or procure licensed software to build the solution from scratch, thereby helping to launch a platform relatively quickly. The white label also supports multiple integrations that allow organizations to establish a unique brand through customization.

User-friendly experience

Businesses can combine powerful admin dashboards, efficient dispatch solutions, and intuitive end-user interfaces into a single platform that makes it easy to coordinate vendors, delivery assistants and end-users seamlessly. Such applications include an easy call feature that allows vendors to contact buyers/delivery execs without exiting the session. The platform also leverages Map APIs that offer street view mode and expected arrival times to help users remain updated on the delivery times and the order status in real-time. 

Streamlined business processes

A Uber-like app’s admin panel offers powerful analytics to give the vendor full control of business operations. From the same platform, businesses can also perform catalog management, online bookings & orders, real-time status tracking, order management, online payment management and many more. With such platforms, advanced analytics and data insights help businesses understand their demographics better and plan for seasonal/weekly demands. As users use advanced functionalities such as location saving, last visits, new offers, and review/ratings to help choose the best vendors, businesses can formulate user acquisition strategies and tackle pain points. 

Highly scalable

The scalability of an app is especially important for small/medium enterprises as they have the highest growth potential. Uber-like services are built to handle dynamic market demand in real-time. An efficient app constructor follows a microservices approach to ensure that the platform scales seamlessly to match load spikes while maximizing ROI on existing infrastructure. 

Use of existing tools and processes

Businesses often unnecessarily dedicate resources to adopt new trends and technologies for their applications. An app constructor can instead leverage existing tools and techniques that could be tweaked to provide the same or advanced features at a fraction of the cost. This eliminates the time and budget disruptions associated with adopting a new product. Uber clone app development also enables teams to build new capabilities that accommodate changing market requirements, while eliminating the effort required to configure a third-party integration from the ground up.

Security and Compliance

When building a complex app like Uber, organizations can follow best practices enlisted in the white-label to harden security for their workloads. Uber-like app development leverages product flexibility to let teams protect systems in accordance with industry-specific standards. It is also easier to integrate the app with existing authentication and authorization mechanisms for greater control over the system & data access.

Vendor-agnostic solutions

One of the greatest benefits of a Uber-like app is its ability to integrate with multiple third-party platforms and services, allowing for the seamless inclusion of different services such as payments, inventory, event streams, monitoring and log management.

Uber-like App Development - Supported Industries

Uber-like apps have been successfully used across a wide range of industries, including:

Food delivery

The food delivery business has grown tremendously in the post-pandemic period, with clients preferring to enjoy their restaurant delicacies at home rather than having to stand in a queue. These apps provide a cashless experience, enable effective marketing campaigns, help reduce order errors by eliminating monotonous tasks. By embracing Uber clone app development, restaurants and hotels can efficiently streamline the flow of orders, processing and delivery.


Healthcare mobile apps connect caregivers with patients, easing the workload on hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The right coordination between the healthcare workers, dispatchers and drivers enables efficient delivery of timely care even in remote areas. These apps also maintain a patient’s health history, test reports and allergic summary to help medical practitioners prescribe the correct medicine or treatment. 

Package pickup & delivery

Uber-like apps also offer on-demand delivery for quick results. These apps connect vendors with drivers and delivery staff in a single platform to help seamlessly manage an order delivery. By managing all delivery data in a centralized admin platform, Uber-like services enable simplified order management, inventory management, accounting and user requests/feedback. 

Rideshare services

Ridesharing applications connect passengers with drivers of personal car owners, cabs, trucks, utilities, etc. at the touch of a button. While booking a normal taxi ride is one option, users can also utilize carpooling options to offer their own cars or ride on others’ carpools. Such sharing apps use advanced development strategies to connect multiple parties for a single journey while leveraging maps and payment wallets for a smooth ride experience. 

Developing a Uber-like App - How Enkonix Can Help

We at Enkonix, take pride in having developed a number of white-label Uber-like solutions. While developing an Uber-like app, we consider various workflows of the app to make sure it works with your target users and is easy to use. For such applications, we consider various parties (business, delivery executive/taxi driver, end-user, etc.) as users. These are factored in to ensure that an entire order lifecycle is rightly accounted for and seamlessly operated. While our team of business analysts are proficient in businesses requirements, they perform thorough due-diligence and market research to ensure all key considerations are rightly factored in. Besides this, our team of IT experts are highly skilled in developing and converting complex business ideas into easy-to-use technical platforms. Contact us here for a quick discussion to know how we can help your business achieve its maximum potential with Uber-like application development.

Our main benefits

We connect your requirements with the three core pillars of development - strategy, design and engineering to achieve desired results.


We manage the timeline and budget estimates in advance while alerting any scope deviations to avoid escalating costs.


Our culture of openness promotes an environment where ideas can flow freely between our team and clients.

Pre-configured solutions

Our cost and time-effective development workflows leverage an app constructor that makes the process less budget-consuming.


We leverage modern technologies to develop Uber-like applications. Our developers are experts in a wide range of tools and platforms, who possess rich experience in having already built high-performance applications.

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