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We tailor products to help clients achieve their goals, resulting in improved productivity and a personalized customer experience.

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We rely on the best tools and practices to develop high-performance applications for increased visibility and productivity.

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Enkonix has the right mix of architects, designers and developers to convert your unique business requirement into a reality.

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Our UX/UI team helps you create responsive designs that facilitate application navigation and usability.

Case Study


NuTheorie is a leading Dutch driving school that has designed a unique methodology of teaching driving theory in one day. The platform offers unlimited practice where, when and on whatever screen you want, which makes learning suitable for everyone.




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* Customer-focused team structure
* Precise project planning and coordination
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Stakeholders are happy with Enkonix’s work, citing their contribution to the business’ growth over the years. The team is highly responsive and communicative. More importantly, they serve as a true partner to the client.

Jimmy Director at Nutheorie

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* Product design

* Web development

* Mobile development

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Why Your Business Needs a Custom Software Solution?

The good news is that technology makes it possible for businesses to have instant access to information or new market through innovative custom software development. However, the challenge of converting an idea or a business goal to a software application is unusually complex. Though that sounds alarming, the task isn’t really complicated with the right team of experts and factoring considerations appropriately.

As every business operates on different demography, user base, industry or market segment, its operational goals mostly differ, as well as its software requirements. As a result, the idea of using a standard software solution may often not fulfill the end goals. On the other hand, a custom software development approach ensures that every aspect of business objectives are kept at the center of the its digital transformation journey. A custom software empowers businesses with several benefits such as:

Simple, low-cost integration

Since different businesses require different technology needs, procuring all of a company’s software off-the-shelf introduces complexities and often does not solve the purpose. On the other hand, a custom developed software is built in accordance with the business’ required development, execution, and compliance standards. This often means that the entire tech stack is made to fit specific business requirements of the organization that offers enhanced interoperability and flexibility in configuration.

Consistent interface and commands

Off-the-shelf software is typically developed by vendors who rely on disparate design and UX/UI principles that may differ from the organization’s principles. Since each organization needs to use a combination of tools and services for business processes, standard layouts, controls and commands can be confusing and irrelevant. On the contrary, custom software offers a bespoke interface designed to the organization’s style and design choices. This not only enables a consistent appearance across various applications of an organization, but also helps improve usability and productivity.


A custom software is developed to address requirements of a single, specific organization. As a result, the development process and software usage is considered more efficient since the product excludes unnecessary features. Bespoke development also reduces costs since extra features don’t need to be paid for. The process of developing custom software also eliminates inefficiencies associated with integration complexities. Seamless integration with other components also streamlines the tech stack, enhancing operational efficiency and common technical challenges.

Unmatched scalability

Modern businesses rely on workloads that are flexible beyond the scope offered by ready-to-deploy, standard solutions. Custom-built software, on the other hand, is developed with existing and future business needs in consideration. As such, a custom application can accommodate business and process workflows uniquely without creating operational bottlenecks to support sudden spikes in usability.

Support for existing technology

Businesses often spend resources to adopt new trends and technologies on the market that are mostly unnecessary to their use case. A more efficient approach of embracing novel technologies is to tweak existing tools and frameworks to affect the same or advanced features at a fraction of the cost. This also eliminates potential integration challenges associated with adopting new technology. Custom software development helps build new capabilities to accommodate changing technology landscapes while eliminating the extensive effort required to configure the integration, adopt a new framework, or in-house upskilling from the ground up.

Security and Compliance

Even with world-class development teams, most off-the-shelf solutions only follow global standards, rules and regulations when creating their products. Custom software development leverages product flexibility to let teams harden systems in accordance with industry-specific standards. It is also easier to integrate custom software with existing authentication and authorization mechanisms for greater control over system and data access.

Vendor-agnostic solutions

Off-the-shelf solutions mostly come with dependencies that introduce design restrictions into the tech stack. Custom software, on the other hand, is built to integrate seamlessly with an existing framework’s workflows and processes. With such a bespoke approach to building software, organizations also need not worry about limited features and fixed patch dates associated with third-party software vendors.

Custom Software Development - Use Cases

While every business has its own use-case, there are numerous factors an organization needs to consider before embracing its journey to develop software. Our software development professionals specialize in a wide range of domains, industry verticals and technology frameworks. Some popular client domains on which we recently collaborated, include:


We build robust, highly-available systems that facilitate training and learning via the internet or through a private network. We start our collaboration with the client to determine the most appropriate design and platform requirements of the Learning Management System. While doing so, we also analyze the training needs to develop the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) that enables clients to offer learning or test modules to globally distributed users. Our e-learning projects span a wide variety of uses, including: personnel training, compliance training, technical training, as well as partner and customer training.


A rise in E-commerce transactions is widely attributed to the exponential growth of handheld devices and the ease of shopping from anywhere. This also allows businesses to acquire customers all across the globe. At Enkonix, we hold years of expertise to help businesses develop elegant, easy-to-navigate online stores for trustworthy e-commerce transactions. Our team combines secure code practices and unique design considerations to enable easy navigation while ensuring seamless operations, inventory and back office management.


We help organizations develop impressive turnkey solutions that automate and improve the delivery of financial services. Our expertise also includes leveraging specialized algorithms to build secure applications to help organizations manage their fiscal processes better. Mobile banking, money transfers, credit applications or customer relationship management - we do it all. 

How Enkonix Can Help

The cost of developing a custom software development relies on a combination of long-term goals, technical requirements and human resources to develop the application. In most scenarios, the composition of the development team has a direct effect on project timelines and is the biggest influencer on the overall budget. A common misconception is that cheaper cost relates to low-quality work. Well, that’s not always true. 

At Enkonix, we take pride in claiming that till date we have developed hundreds of custom software for several clients at the most reasonable price - with unmatched quality. 

If product quality is as important for you as is the cost, then Enkonix is the partner you need for your journey to digital transformation.

Our main benefits

Enkonix offers end-to-end technology consulting and development services to help businesses build robust software solutions.

Flawless Delivery

Our team performs thorough requirement analysis and market research before taking full control of the development process.

Integrity and transparency

We work hand in hand with the client to ensure common understanding on the deliverables, project quality, budget and timelines.

Simple and flexible solutions

Irrespective of what your requirements are, we are here to offer a custom solution that fits your journey to digital transformation.


Great software relies on robust technological stack. We leverage time-tested frameworks, tools and methodologies to help organizations build secure, intuitive and high performing software.

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