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We can help you build any type of education software: from simple content sharing solutions to custom learning simulators with multiple user interfaces.

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Using our experience, we help our clients find the best fitting approach and offer industry-specific solutions for eLearning

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From the initial idea to the end product - our team is here to create a technically sound and commercially successful solution.

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Creating optimized architecture is essential for maintaining responsiveness, fastest content delivery and user engagement

Case Study


WikiTheorie is an online educational platform that provides driver education courses all over the Netherlands. The platform offers a variety of tests, tips and imitation of the CBR exam. It allows visitors to switch from e-book to video in order to increase the chances of passing.




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* Customer satisfaction as core value
* Powerful managerial and tech skill set
* Clear budget and timeline accountability
* Trust-based transparent communication
* Full cycle of product development
* Thorough review and testing



Enkonix has become the client’s long-term development partner, building additionality functionality and offering new ideas to solve problems. Its structure, professional processes, and organized management make for a consistently seamless workflow.

Emre Partner at Nutheorie

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* Product design

* Web development

* Mobile development

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Custom Learning Management Systems

Our custom Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide our clients with a framework for creating, managing and delivering eLearning content tailored to their specific requirements. In addition, we seamlessly integrate with courseware authoring tools to provide a complete custom learning solution.

There is no doubt that eLearning has become the primary solution for delivering bespoke training for businesses around the globe. As a result, recent years have seen a significant expansion of its adoption, to the point where it is the most widely utilized training solution in the US. This growth comes down to its considerable advantages over other training methods.


The key benefit of a customized training course is that the trainees learn what they need to achieve the business's aims, from general awareness to a detailed understanding of a process that is unique to the company. What eLearning brings is the added dimension that the structuring of the course content allows customized learning for each trainee—allowing options to select just those parts of the overall content that is relevant to their needs. A single course can then meet the disparate needs of a diverse audience, providing some with a high-level overview and others with an in-depth understanding dependent on their roles within the business.


Anyone can undertake eLearning courses anywhere and at any time. All they need is access to the technology and connectivity to access the training course. This flexibility affords businesses the luxury of scheduling training for the optimum time to maximize productivity and minimize disruption to the trainees' other duties.


The update of course content can quickly and efficiently reflect changes to the business or the wider environment to keep the content current, fresh, and relevant. For example, a shift in a business process can be immediately incorporated into training materials and rolled out to employees as part of the process change management activities.


eLearning courses can be presented to an unlimited number of trainees without constraint, to a single trainee on a one-off occasion, to everyone within the business periodically accessing the course to refresh their knowledge.


eLearning courses incur costs associated with the time and expenses of using trainers and presentation equipment, incur no travel or accommodation expenses for trainees, and need no production of hard copies of training materials. Costs are focused on course development, and the more times the course is delivered, the more cost-effective this becomes.


The audio-visual and interactive nature of eLearning content and its packaging into short sections make content more engaging to the entire audience, proven to lead to better knowledge transfer and longer retention of learnt information. In addition, tailoring the lexicon of the terminology used to match precisely that already used by the business improves understanding. Scenarios can refer to actual events, persons, and situations in the company to be more engaging. This enhanced trainee engagement reinforces learning.


Face to face training sessions will invariably change from session to session, influenced by the interactions between the trainer and the trainees. Therefore, no two sessions will be identical unless the trainer obediently follows a strict script and resists audience participation. eLearning courses allow interactive participation without affecting the presented training information. Thus, all participants receive the same consistent training, irrespective of when the course material is accessed.

Our main benefits

Enkonix offers flexible solutions for custom education software development that delivers effective learning management systems.

User-Centric Approach

The cooperation and reporting model is crafted to meet every client’s priorities and provide better project visibility

Transparent Resourcing

Our clients are introduced to the development team early in the project to establish trust and engage communication

Solution Optimization

We actively seek opportunities to optimize our solutions to deliver the best possible performance at the lower cost


Powerful performance capacity and responsiveness are key to an engaging educational product - which is why our expert team only work with proven and reliable technologies to ensure high levels of reliability and security in our products.

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