Custom Sports Software Development

We build software to support sports management and events. Our custom-developed applications help to achieve greater success.


End-to-End Sports Management

We help you achieve success by developing solutions for performance analysis, comprehensive event management and progress tracking.

What we do

We offer custom software development for digitalizing athletics. We develop end-to-end sports management platforms to focus on macro strategies.

Performance Improvement

We rely on the best tools and practices to develop high-performance applications for macro-level improvement.

Historical Data Storage

We develop infrastructure to store crucial data including ratings, performance, medical and compliance for quick access.

Software Development

Our custom-developed software helps you plan efficiently for training while monitoring existing competitor scores.

Case Study


With more sports like skateboarding, Artistic skating, Inline Alpine skating, Inline hockey becoming Olympic, there is a need for proper data management for athletes, sports committees, and competition organizers.




Development approach



* Customer user flows for every sport
* Flexible data storage solutions
* Hassle-free paperless documentation
* Automatic updates of ratings and score
* Real-time competition analysis
* Efficient tools for data analytics



The entire team, from developers to project manager have performed better that expected. Every result was timely communicated and delivered. Furthermore, the budgeting for the project was perfectly planned from the beginning. I would truly recommend Enkonix to anyone looking for IT and web development services.

Galo CTO at Janala

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* Product design

* Web development

* Mobile development

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Who needs custom sports software development?

Whether you are an athlete, a federal representative or an event organizator, - the importance of technology to support you/your team to achieve greater access cannot be ignored. Worldwide, the entire industry of competitive or leisure sports is increasingly shifting to take advantage of technology to help athletes achieve their maximum potential. A recent survey also projected that the sports technology market is expected to grow at a rate of 17.5% CAGR and is expected to touch $40 billion by 2026. Whether it’s a Video Assisted Referee (VAR) in soccer, TV Umpire in cricket, wearable devices in individual fitness or data analytics in league events - the adoption of technology assists in almost all forms of sports. 

Some reasons to adopt custom software development for sports include:

Enhancing training programs

Sports-focused software applications leverage cutting-edge techniques to reinvent coaching programs backed by advanced technology stacks. This includes advances in data analytics, biometrics, wearable technology and VR to help build immersive training programs for better workout metrics. A diligently developed application considers all aspects of the sport while unifying analytics and visualization technology to help improve athlete/team results.

Supercharge fan engagement

Sporting associations and federations are increasingly reaping the benefits of building fantasy league applications for a more interactive fan engagement. Emerging technologies offer curated solutions to help teams, sports leagues, federations and professional athletes connect with their fans. Such solutions often rely on efficient low-code/no-code platforms to build branded applications that help sports organizations learn more about their fans and keep them engaged. 

Boosting athlete health and rehabilitation

Focused applications assist team doctors and physios to assess different statistics of athletes’ health. This can aid in faster recovery from injuries as health professionals can plan and execute an optimized rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation plans based on historical data of athletes are also useful when assessing athlete and team rankings. While maintaining individual-level fitness is one of the primary goals, these historical data also help with maintaining compliances such as team registrations, anti-doping procedures, meeting eligibility criteria as per the Olympics charter or other governing bodies, etc.

Guiding sports intelligence

The growth of data-driven applications has facilitated the utilization of AI for sports management and entertainment to build immersive 3D games. With data analytics, sports teams and league managers can leverage the precision of modern computing in various ways. Through sensors and wearables, sports personalities can participate and offer AI-augmented coaching. A machine-led, intelligent data also aids managers to improve athlete and team rankings while simulating sports events in real-time. 

Automated team management

Sports teams and franchisees operate just like a conventional business entity. To help such entities, applications leverage Machine Learning (ML) techniques to perform numerous administrative and fan engagement operations that require minimal human intervention. Custom-built applications streamline collaboration and management of different departments, including payroll, procurement, advertising, health records and more. These applications also remain seamlessly connected with web content management systems to automate marketing efforts to help boost fan engagement.

How Enkonix Can Help in Custom Sports Software Development

Enkonix offers custom software development for a wide range of professional sports. We develop end-to-end sports management platforms, which help you or your team focus on the macro strategies that matter. While we take pride in having helped multiple forms of traditional sports and fitness programs, our expertise also covers developing software for non-traditional and newer additions to the roster of Olympic sports, such as Freestyle BMX, Surfing, Skateboarding, Karate, Sport Climbing, etc.  We at Enkonix, integrate sports with technology for optimum results. Our team comprises a dedicated team of analysts and engineers who understand the macro-details of specific sports programs. Our dedicated product managers collaborate with you throughout the development process, ensuring the product meets your requirements. If product quality is as important for you as your performance, then Enkonix is the partner you need for your journey to achieving success.

Our main benefits

Enkonix offers consulting and development services to develop software solutions focused on professional sports.

Data Storage & Analytics

Our products support you with historical data while keeping you updated on upcoming events and compliance cycles.

Full Cycle Automation

With comprehensive automation and reduced paperwork, our products help you focus on your performance.

Tech Infrastructure

We leverage best technology frameworks, practices and security mechanisms to ensure functionalities are easy to access.


We leverage both time-tested and emerging methodologies to develop high-performing software applications that cover macro details of a specific sport.

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