AtoZ Markets: everything about ICOs and cryptocurrency

AtoZ, a well-established website specializing in trading and financial news, was challenged with sudden stability and performance issues because of the fast-growing volume of content and number of visitors.

Planning to extend their content focus to ICO and Cryptocurrency and enhance the website with additional functionality, the founders hired Enkonix to go through rebranding and build a new custom portal that would fully meet their requirements and new business needs.

AtoZ Markets



Vue.js, Python, Django, PostgreSQL

Project duration

4 months

Project challenges

  • Enkonix had to rebuild the portal from scratch and migrate the content from a WordPress website in short terms without causing any inconvenience to the existing users and without organic traffic losses.
  • The new platform required high stability and fast page load time even with significantly growing number of visitors.
  • UX design of the new platform had to retain some elements and structure of the previous version to stay familiar for the existing users, but at the same time bring in more content and functionality.
  • The platform had a complex content structure: many user roles and various types of content.


  • Our team migrated the content from the old to the new database with a modern structure (15 000 articles). To prevent organic traffic loss after migration, we have reused the old urls with the new domain name and created redirect 301 to the equivalent pages on the new portal.
  • To optimize page load speed and facilitate indexing of the new pages we have built the front-end part of the portal with Vue.js using Server-Side Rendering.
  • From the UX perspective, we have kept the old website structure, but have added ICO-related sections and new features to modernize the user experience. When logged in, users can customize the portal home page, select the news categories they want to see and switch off the categories they are not interested in.
  • The new portal allows users to contribute to the knowledge base and create their own articles.
  • We have created a custom admin panel with a content management system to manage all types of users, add and edit various types of content and moderate new content submitted by users.


Enkonix has migrated all the AtoZ data from an old Wordpress website to the new portal including:

  • Responsive web app for guests and users.

  • Custom admin panel with CMS functionality.

The portal was integrated with CoinPayments to accept payments in Ethereum.

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